How much for a Will?

We’re asked “how much for a Will” quite a lot. We could answer “it depends” but would rather be much more straight forward and up front about what it costs to make a Will. We take a very pragmatic approach when someone asks “how much does it cost to make a Will”? We’re always happy to tell them before they decide to go ahead.

Before we jump in and give you the figure, we believe it’s important you understand what’s involved. Here’s what happens:

  • You’ll tell us what you want to do
  • We’ll explain what’s involved in making a Will and what the law says
  • You can list any special wishes you have about leaving some of your belongings to individuals or organisations
  • Also,you might make a list of any sums of money you want to leave to specific individuals or organisations (like charities etc.)
  • We’ll then discuss what you want to do with the remainder of your estate – this is called the “residue”
  • If you have children, we’ll ask if you wish to nominate a guardian
  • If you have any special wishes regarding your funeral arrangements, we can list them too
  • We’ll prepare a draft of your Will and send this to you for your review
  • Once you’re happy the Will does what you want it to do, we’ll arrange to have you sign it

This whole process is fairly simple and straight forward.

Is that it, or is there more?

Usually, for couples, they simply want their estate to go to their spouse or partner. Should the spouse or partner die before them and they have children, then the estate goes to their children.

We’ll also discuss any potential Inheritance Tax issues you may face and can advise you on your options.

Here at Carr Berman Crichton, we like to keep things, simple, straight forward and affordable.

OK, so how much does it cost to make a Will?

So, when you ask us “how much for a Will?” we’ll tell you – IT’S ONLY £125!*

If you would like us to prepare your Will, you can complete this short form:
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* The price quoted is exclusive of VAT