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Property Law

We deal with all aspects of residential property – from buying your first home through to successive sales and purchases of your property as you move through the market.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law deals with business matters. From buying, selling, refinancing or leasing commercial property through to buying, selling or setting up in business

Private Client

Private Client Law covers all aspects of Wills and Powers of Attorney as well as Estates and Guardianships. We help you plan for the future to provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Rabia Islam, Associate Solicitor

We are delighted to welcome Rabia Islam to Carr Berman Crichton. Rabia joins us as an Associate Solicitor. Rabia studied Legal Services and Business Law at the University of West of Scotland before completing her LLB Degree and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice...

A survivorship destination is a special destination but how might it affect your estate?

When two or more people buy a house, the title will be structured so that it is held jointly. Most titles are held equally between two owners of a property but more than two people can easily hold the title. The key factor is that the property is jointly owned. What...

Legal Rights – the automatic entitlement to share in the estate

The spouse or civil partner and children have a right to share in the estate of someone who has died. No formal action need be taken by them. It is a right they simply enjoy. The executor must make provision for Legal Rights when administering the estate. What are...

Are there any special rules about signing a Will in Scotland?

For almost thirty years, there have been special rules about signing a Will in Scotland. In 1995, The Requirements of Writing (Scotland) Act, (the 1995 Act). Before this act came into effect, the rules surrounding signing a Will were not entirely clear. What are the...

Do you get a bargain when buying a house at auction?

The process of buying a house at auction may seem simple, as portrayed in TV shows like "Homes Under the Hammer." However, it is not as straightforward as it may seem. You attend the auction, place your bid, and hope to become the new owner of the property. These...

Offers Over: Understanding the Blind Bidding Process in the Scottish Property Market

The Scottish property market is known for its unique "offers over" system. This presents buyers with a blind bidding situation. In this article, we will explore how the "offers over" process works. We’ll discuss the challenges buyers face and provide guidance on...

Estate Planning: Secure Your Legacy and Minimise Inheritance Tax

When it comes to estate planning, you want to ensure that your hard-earned assets are passed on to your loved ones and not unnecessarily shared with HMRC. With the Inheritance Tax threshold frozen until at least 2027, it's crucial to take proactive steps to mitigate...

Make a Will: Why Updating Your Will After Divorce is Essential

Divorce is a significant life event that can have a profound impact on various aspects of your life. These include your financial and legal affairs. One crucial area that often gets overlooked during the divorce process is updating your Will. Many people fail to...

Navigating Your First Home Purchase in Scotland: A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Home Buyers

Embarking on Your Home Buying Journey Buying a house in Scotland, especially for first-time home buyers, is a significant step. It usually raises many questions resulting in decisions to be made. Understandably, the house buying process might seem overwhelming. Our...

Plan Ahead: The Vital Importance of a Power of Attorney

Life is unpredictable. Without the proper legal safeguards in place, a sudden health crisis or accident can upend everything for both you and your family. Protect yourself and your loved ones by setting up a Power of Attorney. Do not wait until it is too late to...

Carr Berman Crichton

In 2000, three Glasgow solicitors with over 70 years’ experience between them set up the firm of Carr Berman Crichton in Rutherglen. The aim of the business when it started was to provide legal services to clients in the Rutherglen and greater Glasgow area – something the firm does to this day.

We still have our original offices in Rutherglen. The firm has grown and the personnel has changed a little, but our commitment to providing the best possible customer service remains.  This is why we ensure that every client is look after by a highly qualified and experienced solicitor.

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