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Property Law

We deal with all aspects of residential property – from buying your first home through to successive sales and purchases of your property as you move through the market.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law deals with business matters. From buying, selling, refinancing or leasing commercial property through to buying, selling or setting up in business

Private Client

Private Client Law covers all aspects of Wills and Powers of Attorney as well as Estates and Guardianships. We help you plan for the future to provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Family Law

It’s never easy when you separate from your partner. There are many things you need to consider, not least of which are the needs of your children. We help you through this difficult phase.

Land & Building Transaction Tax (LBTT) to revert to pre-Covid-19 levels

Kate Forbes, MSP, the Cabinet Secretary of Finance, yesterday announced that Land & Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) would revert to its pre-Covid-19 levels. The change comes into effect from 1st April 2021. After the first lockdown, the Finance Secretary...

January 2021 House Price Index Report

We’re delighted to bring you the Carr Berman Crichton January 2021 House Price Index Reports. The report is sderived from the Scottish House Price Index issued every month by the Registers of Scotland. It contains accurate date based on actual registrations. Unlike...

Moving house is allowed despite Covid-19 restrictions

Moving house is allowed even though Covid-19 restrictions remain in force. In March last year, the regulations restricted moving house to only the most urgent and exceptional situations. In addition, the Registers of Scotland closed down the applications register....

Can you challenge a Will?

It’s very difficult to challenge a Will in Scotland. When someone makes a Will, they set down their wishes for what should happen after they die. They decide who should receive what share in their estate. The terms of their Will must be followed when that person dies....

Cohabiting couples – financial provision on separation

Cohabiting couples in Scotland are people who live together as a couple but who are neither married nor in a Civil Partnership. Whilst there is no legal basis for the relationship, Scots Law caters for financial provision on separation. How are assets and liabilities...

Conveyancing solicitors – what are they and what do they do?

Carr Berman Crichton are conveyancing solicitors based in Rutherglen, Glasgow. At its most basic, conveyancing is the process of transferring title from one person or organisation to another. It can also involve raising finance or re-mortgaging your house or...

Here’s what we do

We're often asked what it is we do. We could write a full page and more on the services we deliver. However, perhaps this short video will explain it better. So, here's what we do!We think our latest video describes our services and we're delighted to show it to...

Can I pull out of my house sale

The housing market is very busy at the moment. People are making up for lost time following the lockdown. We try to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible with your house sale, but sometimes there can be problems. If this happens, our client usually asks,...

How much for a Will?

We’re asked “how much for a Will” quite a lot. We could answer “it depends” but would rather be much more straight forward and up front about what it costs to make a Will. We take a very pragmatic approach when someone asks “how much does it cost to make a Will”?...

Get help with buying a new home

When you’re trying to buy your first home or, if you’re a home mover, there’s nothing better than being able to get some help with buying a new home. We’ve heard recently from the Scottish Government about their extension to the Help to Buy (Scotland) scheme. We...

Carr Berman Crichton

In 2000, three Glasgow solicitors with over 70 years’ experience between them set up the firm of Carr Berman Crichton in Rutherglen. The aim of the business when it started was to provide legal services to clients in the Rutherglen and greater Glasgow area – something the firm does to this day.

We still have our original offices in Rutherglen. The firm has grown and the personnel has changed a little, but our commitment to providing the best possible customer service remains.  This is why we ensure that every client is look after by a highly qualified and experienced solicitor.

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