Find property information without consulting a solicitor

If you’re looking for property information, you no longer need to consult a lawyer. Now, that might sound a little bit strange coming from a firm of solicitors. However, we believe this information should be available to everyone!

The Registers of Scotland has recently updated its Scotland’s Land Information System (ScotLIS). Members of the public can connect to the Registers of Scotland website and search for title information of any property that’s registered in the Land Register.

Once you click on the link, you can:

  • Find out the owners of the property
  • Find property price information
  • Buy property documents
  • Check if a property is registered in the Land Register

The process is very straight forward. You simply decide if you’re looking for property information or property prices. Enter the postcode and you’ll be presented with a list of addresses where the property has been registered in the Land Register. Click on the address you want and you’ll be taken to the page for this property.

The property page will give you details of the Title Number, the last purchase price paid and the last purchase date. It will also provide you with historical price information on the property – when it sold and for how much. Finally, you’ll be able to see a plan of the property showing the extent of the property and its boundaries as indicated on the Ordnance Survey Map.

You can also buy the Title Sheet to the property. This will give you much more information on the property and will only cost you £3.60.

If you’d like to try it out, click here.