Cost of general legal services

There are many instances where the work we’re asked to do doesn’t “fit” into one of the prescribed categories of work we have listed on our website. Such instances might include general advice about a title matter in a property transaction. It could just as easily be an enquiry from a client on whether a Will can be challenged or whether someone should be removed as an Attorney in a Power of Attorney. These are just some short examples of the types of questions we are commonly asked. We call these general legal services and on this page we will give you an indication of the cost of general legal services.

In situations such as this where the work involved doesn’t “fit” into any specific category, our fee will be based on an hourly rate. We are unlikely to be able to give you an indication of the time involved at the outset of the case. However,  as matters progress, we will keep you fully informed. We will provide our best estimate of the length of time your case will take to reach a resolution. You should always remember that we have to deal with third parties, not all of whom may be co-operative.

We charge an hourly rate of £200 (exclusive of VAT) for this type of work. That means the cost per hour to you is £240 (including VAT).

Is there anything else involved in the cost of general legal services?

The hourly rate does not include any outlays or expenses that need to be met. These will vary depending on the nature of the case. We will advise you of these costs once these are known to us.

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