Cost of making a Will

A Will is one of the two of the most important documents you will ever have prepared (the other being a Power of Attorney). Your Will is the document that directs what should be done with your estate following your death. It means that you decide who should receive your estate after you pass away. Your Will is especially important where you have a partner but are unmarried or have been married but are not yet divorced. Before you start, it is important that you find out the cost of making a Will.

We take a very straight forward approach to preparing your Will.

Our fee for a single, straight forward Will is £125.00 (excluding VAT). The total cost is £150 (including VAT).

Our fee for mirror Wills (two Wills prepared at the same time where the terms of one Will mirrors the other) is £200.00 (excluding VAT). The total cost of is £240.00.

What’s involved in making a Will?

This fee for the preparation of your Will includes the following work:

  • Taking your instructions on your wishes
  • Advising you about your options on receipt of your instructions
  • If appropriate advising on Legal Rights
  • Preparing a draft Will for your review
  • If appropriate, making changes following your review
  • Arranging to have your Will signed
  • Storing your Will for you, if desired
  • Providing you with copies of your Will

Does this cost of making a Will include everything?

We should point out that our fixed price mentioned above does not include:

  • Any work involving trust deeds or trust provisions contained within your Will
  • Advice or any associated work in relation to vulnerable beneficiaries (e.g., those who are incapacitated, bankrupt etc.)
  • Advice on Inheritance Tax or Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Dealing with the transfer of any heritable property (house or other land and buildings) into a trust or to other people

You should also be aware that if you require a complex Will, such as a Will containing guardianship clauses, special provisions where you have children from different relationships or advising on complex legacies, distribution provisions or advice on disinheriting beneficiaries.

Our fee for your Will only covers the services we’ve listed above. Everyone’s Will is personal to the client. We are happy to carry out additional work to meet your requirements and will discuss this with you as well as the potential increased costs should such a situation arise.

If you have any questions about our fees or if you would like further information specific to your own case, please complete the following short form and send it to us. We will respond to you as soon as we can.

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