Cost of a Separation Agreement

It is usually very stressful and difficult when a couple separates. Emotions run high and relations with your former partner or spouse are strained. We will provide you with practical advice and assistance to create a separation agreement. In addition, we will give you a note of the cost of a Separation Agreement before you appoint us to represent you. You’ll then be able to include it in your budget.

We operate on a fixed fee basis for this work. Sometimes, the fee we quote might have to change. This can happen if elements of complexity are involved or if the case becomes complicated. However, whilst we always aim to charge the fixed fee we quote, we will advise you should that position change.

We take a very straight forward approach to the cost of a separation agreement. We charge a fee of £950.00 (excluding VAT) for a separation agreement.

This means it will cost you £1,140.00 (including VAT) to put a separation agreement in place.

Are there any additional costs involved?

We send it for registration to in the Books of Council and Session once the Separation Agreement has been signed by both parties. Registration and obtaining one extract costs £24.00 (inclusive of VAT). Usually, we require two extracts. This second extract also costs £24.00 (inclusive of VAT).

This means, the total cost of a Separation Agreement, inclusive of VAT, will amount to £1,088.00.

What’s involved in a Separation Agreement?

The cost of a Separation Agreement includes the following work:

  • Taking your instructions on your situation
  • Advising you about your options
  • Contacting your spouse or partner’s solicitors
  • Setting out your proposals
  • Negotiating with your spouse or partner’s solicitors
  • Drafting the Separation Agreement
  • Having the Separation Agreement executed
  • Registering the Separation Agreement in the Books of Council and Session
  • Providing you with an Extract of your Separation Agreement

Does this include everything?

The cost of a separation agreement mentioned above does not include:

  • Any work involved in pension value calculations or discussions with actuaries
  • Extensive negotiations on residence or contact in relation to children
  • Extended discussions and calculations in relation to financial provision
  • Any sales, purchases or transfer of title and associated security work in relation to any heritable property (land and buildings)
  • Any litigation arising out of the separation

Each person’s Separation Agreement is personal to them. We are happy to carry out additional work to meet your needs and will discuss this with you. We’ll also discuss any potential increased costs.

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